Taylor Swift’s Latest Reveal Sparks Fan Theories That ‘Midnights’ Will Be Inspired By The 1970s

Taylor Swift is a few days off of announcing Midnights and fans already have plenty of theories. Now Swift has shared even more, which has of course sparked more theories.

Last night, Swift unveiled three new special editions of the albums, each of which have their own new cover art. The new covers include new photos of Swift, which fans believe collectively hint at a ’70s-themed album.

In a thread about Midnights theories on Reddit’s Taylor Swift subreddit, one user commented, “In the Jade Green Addition (my favourite Midnights cover) I used the Google lens feature to see if Google picks up anything…the piano in the cover is a Wurlitzer electronic piano and knowing Taylor, she would never do anything unintentionally, so I am guessing 60s/70s music/instruments heavily influenced this album. According to Wikipedia, Ray Charles was known for using this piano and it was featured in his 1959 hit What’d I Say… There are a lot of clues in the Jade Green cover: her outfit, the vintage piano, the dark green carpet, printed curtains, bold prints on the armchair, the orb-like lamp and the labyrinth vinyl.”

Another fan noted, “Ran out of the shower when the common theme of the 70s hit me. This album has got to be 70s in style. The aesthetic in these shots is too much. Further proof? I wondered back when lover singles came out what’s with the 70s aesthetic. In me! with the pink outfit, in Lover video every outfit is super 70s and the attic has that vintage effect on it. Even her outfits and makeup at certain events! I feel like she’s hinted at this forever.”

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