Taylor Swift Revealed Which Song She May Never Play For A Live Audience

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Taylor Swift‘s highly anticipated album, Lover, was finally released Friday. According to the track list, out of the 18 tracks, three were completely written by the singer herself. Taylor celebrated the release of Lover by playing a private acoustic session for a SiriusXM Town Hall. During the session, she imparted words of wisdom, and revealed which song of hers is the most emotionally charged and will likely be too difficult for her to play during a live show.

Fans gathered around Taylor as she performed songs like “Daylight” and “Archer” from her most recent release for the first time in front of a live audience. According to Billboard, the singer revealed her song with the Dixie Chicks, “Soon You’ll Get Better,” was the most difficult to write. For that reason, the singer doubts she’ll ever be able to play it live.

“That’s a song I don’t know if I’ll ever play it live,” she said. “It’s just really difficult for me. It was hard to write. It’s hard to sing. It’s hard to listen to for me. But sometimes, music is like that. Sometimes it’s not just about stuff that was pleasant to feel.”

She imparted words of wisdom from growing up in the limelight.

“I treated life like it was a report card, like I was being graded on every single moment of every single day,” Taylor said. “And if I got less than an A minus, I pretty much felt completely worthless. I still struggle with that every day. But what I would say is that life is not a report card. You’re not being graded on this moment to moment. Go easy on yourselves, kids. Be kind to yourselves.”

Watch fan-captured footage of Taylor’s performances.

Lover is out everywhere via Republic.