Taylor Swift Fans Are Leaving Angry (And Funny) Target Reviews After Listening To ‘Red’ At The Wrong Speed

Released late last month, Red (Taylor’s Version) is already charting heavily on country radio and breaking Spotify streaming records. There are numerous versions of the vinyl edition, but none are more coveted than the limited edition red-colored four disc vinyl set from Target. Trouble is, some fans have been none-too-pleased with the recording quality and it’s not for the reasons you might expect.

“Vinyl looks ok and the color, is beautiful, but the sound is really scary, it’s like a Taylor’s voice from beyond the grave… is this a disgusting joke about halloween? Not sure,” wrote one reviewer. Another shared a similar sentiment, saying that, “As a few other reviews mention, it sounds like a man is singing the album. I thought it was a problem with my record player but I tried playing it on another and it was the same.”

Taylor Target Review
Target review

Trouble is, it seems as though these folks are listening to the record on the 33rpm setting of their record player instead of this pressing’s set 45rpm. They could fix this “voice from beyond the grave” effect with a simple flick of the switch on their player, but then we wouldn’t have hilarious reviews from vinyl noobs like this:

Taaylor Swift Target review
Target Review

Or this simply-stated review that nevertheless “would recommend” the vinyl edition despite it being sung by a man (and not Taylor Swift):

Taylor Swift target
Target Review

Bless these people’s hearts, for vinyl is clearly a new foray for many of them. But at least there’s “Gabe” popping into the 1-star reviews section to hopefully save the day for the Swifties:

Taylor Swift Target
Target review