Taylor Swift Reveals What She Almost Called ‘Lover’ And Teases Her ‘SNL’ Performance On ‘Fallon’

Taylor Swift has spent this week getting ready for her upcoming stint as musical guest on this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live. She managed to get away for a bit, though, so she could visit SNL album Jimmy Fallon and guest on The Tonight Show. Swift sat down for an interview, and during the conversation, she shared some interesting behind-the-scenes info about what Lover was almost named.

Swift revealed that Lover was almost titled Daylight, saying, “I toyed around with calling the album Daylight for a while, but I thought that might be a little too on the nose. My last album, Reputation, I saw as this nighttime album, in the city, in the nighttime. This one I saw as a daytime album. I saw fields and flowers.”

Later on during their chat, Fallon asked Swift if she could reveal anything about her upcoming SNL performances, and she said, “I’ll probably do ‘Lover,’ but in a way I haven’t performed it before. And then I’m going to do a song that I have never performed before at all live.”

Elsewhere in the episode, Swift and Fallon faced off in a “Name That Song” challenge, in which The Roots start playing a song, gradually introducing more instruments until somebody figures out what track they’re performing.

Watch clips from Swift’s appearance on The Tonight Show above.