Teddy Swims Shows Off His Remarkable Vocal Versatility With Performances On ‘The Eye’

In The Eye, some of music’s finest up-and-coming artists take to an intimate, minimal studio space to perform their best songs with only one microphone and one take. Stepping up for the latest installment is Teddy Swims, who may have already found his way onto your online feeds.

The internet has played a significant role in the Atlanta singer’s rise, and he first found an online audience for himself when he shared a cover of Michael Jackson’s “Rock With You” on YouTube in 2019. He later said, “It was the ten-year anniversary of his death and we just thought we’d pay homage. Within a few days, it was going crazy.” The channel continued to grow from there, as it now boasts over 2 million subscribers and popular videos like his cover of Shania Twain’s “Still The One,” which has over 77 million views and which Twain herself called “a beautiful version” of the song. Last year, Rolling Stone declared he’s an “artist you need to know.”

He also thrives on TikTok, where his voice has become a favorite on the platform and earned him 1.6 million followers, as well as millions more likes on his videos. His online influence and obvious talent caught the attention of the folks at Warner Records, who signed him to a deal in early 2020. He’s currently working towards his debut album, which he describes as combining “everything from straight hip-hop to R&B to ’80s metal.”

In the meantime, he has released a handful of singles, a couple of which, “911” and “Please Turn Green,” he has now performed on The Eye. With the two performances here, Swims shows off the versatility that has become his calling card. “911,” his most recent single, sees Swims flexing his vocal chops on a jaunty and soulful instrumental. Then there’s “Please Turn Green,” which is more of an emotional pop ballad on which Swims shows off his more tender side. If Swims needed a video resume to represent his vocal range, these two performances would suit that role just fine.

Watch Teddy Swims perform “911″ and “Please Turn Green” for The Eye above.

Teddy Swims is a Warner Music artist. .