The Killers Got A Very Pumped-Looking Gayle King And Don Lemon To Rock Out To ‘Mr. Brightside’

When it rains, God always opens a window — or something. Anyway, when The KillersWe Love NYC concert set was shut down over the weekend due to inclement weather, the Vegas boys were undeterred and started playing an acoustic set in their tent, much to the joy of TV anchors Gayle King (CBS) and Don Lemon (CNN).

Calling CNN’s Anderson Cooper from the ground, King reported, “Anderson, the coolest thing is happening here. The Killers are doing an acoustic set in their tent. We just went in there and they did—Anderson! ‘Mr. Brightside’! Acoustically!” Based on that, Cooper asked King to get back in there and FaceTime him, for goodness’ sake, while his co-anchors exclaimed, “I LOVE ‘Mr. Brightside.'” Though she “kinda wanted [the footage] for CBS This Morning,” King was still happy to oblige and got back to the Killers’ tent. Watch King and Lemon rock out with The Killers above.

As Uproxx previously reported, last Saturday night was supposed to be a celebration in New York City, but severe weather ruined the party in Central Park. The star-studded event, held during a still-ongoing pandemic, was forced to end abruptly in the middle of Barry Manilow’s set due to hurricane Henri approaching, with the 60,000 attendees being told to leave immediately. The concert was about halfway finished when the storm hit the city, and acts like Bruce Springsteen, Paul Simon, Patti Smith and Elvis Costello never saw the stage. Manilow did sing again, though: for Cooper on CNN.