Tori Kelly Is Leaning Into R&B With Her Forthcoming Song ‘Missin U’ And Fans Are Freaking Out

It’s a new era for Tori Kelly. The singer’s last album (not counting her 2020 Christmas record) was 2019’s Inspired By True Events. Now she’s making her grand return with a single called “Missin U.”

Arriving next week, “Missin U” has been previewed on TikTok, with the “Nobody Love” singer posting a clip of her mouthing along to the words: “Out on these streets, deleting what you mean to me / Then you pop back, back in my mind / I go back in time, it was the perfect night / Kissing you was raining purple skies,” she sings.

The Pink Sweat$ collaborator also shared a nostalgic teaser. The video depicts her sliding a VHS tape into a TV, and what follows is a montage of old footage of her performing, especially showing off her strong, inimitable vocals.

The song seems to lean heavily into her R&B side, which has been surprising to many fans. Most don’t even recognize her in the artwork, in which she no longer has a head of cascading blonde curls. Music lovers are just now finding out that Kelly is actually biracial, which is stirring up a lot of conversation and memes on social media.

“Missin U” is out 3/17. Find more information about it here.