Pink Sweat$ And Tori Kelly Celebrate Love In Their New Video For ‘Real Thing’

In the latest video from Pink Sweat$‘ EP Pink Moon, the Philly native dreams of the joys of marriage. In a pastel-colored room on a film set, Sweat$ is joined by singer Tori Kelly, as they croon over the loves of their lives. Clips of Sweat$ and his fiancée are juxtaposed with Sweat$ and Kelly dueting.

“I want couples around the world to champion marriage,” Sweat$ said of the video in a statement. “At the same time, if you haven’t experienced love yet, stay hopeful for it. I’m in the process of getting married this year, and Tori is already married. It was organic because we’re both in a similar space in our lives. We just captured the energy and released it through a song.”

Ahead of the release of Pink Moon, we spoke to Sweat$ last month about the EP, and he revealed “Real Thing” was the first song he wrote. He also shared the secrets to creating a streaming hit.

“If you want a playful hit it usually can be tied to some sort of a movement, whether it’s a dance or some form of moving of the body that people can feel,” Sweat$ said. “And if you want more of a singer-songwriter hit, I think it’s just about the story and the storytelling ability because we all got a story, right? The way you articulate that story through a song, the effectiveness of it, that’s how you get ahead.”

Watch “Real Thing” above.

Pink Sweat$ is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.