Here Is Twice’s Setlist For ‘Ready To Be Tour’ In 2023

Twice have kicked off the Ready To Be tour in North America at Los Angeles’ SoFi Stadium just a few days ago. Fans in North America who are set to attend one of their upcoming massive stadium shows might be wondering what the full setlist is.

From there, the K-pop girl group played in Oakland, where they swapped “TT” into the encore, according to, instead of “Doughnut” and “Basics,” so fans will be getting varied songs. They will also be hitting a number of other major US cities, including New York (at MetLife Stadium), Chicago, Seattle, Dallas, Houston, Toronto, and Atlanta.

Continue scrolling for Twice’s setlist from SoFi as an idea of what to expect.

1. “Set Me Free” (English Ver.)
2. “I Can’t Stop Me”
3. “Go Hard”
4. “More & More”
5. “Moonlight Sunrise
6. “Brave”
7. “Try” (Colbie Caillat cover)
8. “Done For Me” (Charlie Puth cover)
9. “New Rules” (Dua Lipa cover)
10. “Move” (Beyoncé cover)
11. “7 Rings” (Ariana Grande cover)
12. “Feel Special”
13. “Cry For Me”
14. “Fancy”
15. “The Feels”
16. “My Guitar”
17. “Nightmare”
18. “Juice” (Lizzo cover)
19. “Pop!” (NAYEON song)
20. “Who Am I?”
21. “Queen Of Hearts”
22. “Yes Or Yes” / “What Is Love?” / “Cheer Up” / “Likey” / “Knock Knock” / “Scientist” / “Heart Shaker”
23. “Alcohol-Free”
24. “Dance The Night Away”
25. “Talk That Talk”
26. “VCR #4” (Interlude – VCR)
27. “When We Were Kids”
28. “Crazy Stupid Love”
29. “Doughnut” (encore)
30. “Basics” (encore)
31. “Signal” (encore)