What Is Taylor Swift’s Cat’s Alleged Net Worth?

Perhaps you’ve heard of Taylor Swift’s cat, Olivia Benson, before? She’s a Scottish Fold cat and actually one of Swift’s three felines. But Olivia Benson (named after a Law & Order: SVU character) is the one that appeared in Swift’s videos for “Me” and “Blank Space.” No shade to Swift’s other two cats, Meredith Gray and Benjamin Button, but Olivia Benson was recently claimed to be the third richest pet in the world, with an alleged net worth of $97 million, per AllAboutCats.com.

But how the heck does a cat get tabbed with a net worth of nearly $100 million? Besides making cameos in her mom’s music videos, Olivia Benson has also appeared alongside Taylor Swift in commercials for brands like Diet Coke and AT&T, so that seems likely to factor into the figure. But considering that the only two pets higher up on this “Ultimate Pet Rich List” than Olivia Benson are a $500 million German shepherd named Gunther VI who flips mansions formerly owned by Madonna and a $100 million feline influencer named Nala Cat who owns a premium cat food line, I suppose that just makes Taylor Swift’s cat a glorified nepo baby?

And of course, Swifties have some thoughts on this report and are trying to figure out ways of how they can get in on the action as well.