Miley Cyrus Revealed The Character She Would Need To Play To Return To Acting

If Miley Cyrus never acts again, her big-screen filmography will be bookended by movies directed by Tim Burton (Big Fish) and one of the Coen brothers (Drive-Away Dolls). Not many people can say that! But the former Hannah Montana star, who was living the best of both worlds (acting and singing) until she decided to focus on the latter, is interested in returning to Hollywood.

“I would like to act again,” Miley told W Magazine. “But the role would really need to be right, since it’s kind of hard for people to see past me and buy into a character. The character would either need to be an extension of myself, or someone — or something — with a personality that can conquer my own. I would need a character that is bigger than me.”

So… probably not a sequel to LOL (IJBOL?)

Cyrus also discussed a fax she received from her godmother Dolly Parton. “I literally have to access my lawyer’s office, because the lawyer is the only person who can still receive a fax,” she said. “Dolly wrote to me to say: ‘How much do I love you? As much as my heart can hold and as far as my arms can reach.’ It gets me choked up. I just love her so much. Last Christmas, she gave me a whole mannequin, done in her proportions and wearing her outfit. It’s so major.” A 9 to 5 remake starring Miley Cyrus isn’t the worst idea, actually.

(Via W Magazine)