Nikki Bella May Have Signed Up To Be On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

As the lead Total Bellas and Total Divas apologist and fanatic here at With Spandex, it is my job to bring you all news about any Total Divas cast members, their news and life ventures. Whether it be Eva Marie leaving WWE and breaking my heart, Brie Bella having a baby or training for a comeback, the Bellas launching a new food and wine show, or … other, I am here to provide updates. And today we’ve got a juicy one for you.

Ardent viewers of Total Divas might remember that during season six of the show, when Nikki Bella was training for her in-ring comeback, she was apparently offered a gig on Dancing With The Stars, which is still an extremely popular show, and one that reaches a whoooooole lot of viewers every week. She talked it over with John Cena, who convinced her that she could do DWTS, or she could train full-time for a comeback, but she probably couldn’t do both at the same time. She decided to focus on her wrestling career, and made a comeback that lasted until WrestleMania of this year, after which she took some more time off to once again rest up from her injuries.

Now it looks like the DWTS gig might be back on, baby! According to both People and ET, not only is Nikki being considered for the show, but she is one of the first two celebrities to already sign on for the upcoming 25th (!) season. Bella’s sole fellow cast member for the time being is one of the Property Brothers, Drew Scott, which is also what Carl Barks was most famous for.

(ET’s report only says “one of the Property Brothers,” while People is more specific to Drew. Maybe ET just can’t tell twins apart? To be fair, I can’t tell the Prop Bros apart, either. One of them should wear a hat.)

I’m sure both Nikki and WWE are thrilled with her being a part of the show (if true), even if DWTS does go head-to-head with Raw on Monday nights. But I have a lot of confidence in Nikki to win this thing. After all, I’ve gotten first-hand experience with some of her dance moves.