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When asked about why he spent so much of last Sunday’s game against the Bengals on his back, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers said that the offensive game plan called for too many players to stay in and block. So Rodgers was sacked five times because there were too many blockers? Makes perfect sense.

“I think one of the things that happened last week was because of struggles (in protection) in Week 1, we’ve kept more guys in (to block),” Rodgers said. “Our backs were staying in a little bit longer, and so our stuff was all down the field because we didn’t have any of our check downs out.

“The push, hopefully, this is week is, ‘Hey you guys got to hold up up front.’ We need more options underneath the coverage. When they’re dropping off so far, you need some check downs.” via, via.

One of the reasons Tom Brady had been so dominant is that his offense has never had to go to “max protect,” they can block most blitzing schemes with their line and maybe one back, which gives Brady more options to throw to. Same with Peyton Manning. There’s a reason that everyone that’s not a Colts fan hates Dallas Clark.

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