04.06.07 11 years ago 10 Comments

I'm not wealthy enough to really care about golf, but I've heard that the Masters — where I guess Tiger Woods has done well in the past — is going on this weekend.  If you have a fantasy golf team, you can follow the results on the live leaderboard here.

Me, I care about fatass drunks like John Daly.  Daly, who had his PGA Tour card revoked last year (on account of sucking for too long), is signing autographs at the Hooters restaurant down the road from Augusta National.  Which sounds like a lot more fun (both to do and to watch) than golf, but maybe I'm weird.

Speaking of Hooters, is anyone else put off by the shiny nylon-tights and big scrunchy white gym socks?  And by the fact that you can't get a lap dance with your sandwich?

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