Anderson Silva Thinks The Judges Screwed Him Over At UFC London, But Is He Right?

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02.28.16 4 Comments


Judges have a difficult job translating the intricacies of an MMA fight into a 10-9 must system. The rules we have in place now were brought over from boxing, and frankly, seem to be open to interpretation from one judge to the next. This seems to have led to a Michael Bisping decision win over Anderson Silva at UFC Fight Night 84 in London, after which Anderson Silva went on a post-fight rant:

“Here’s the deal, you can’t win one way, they try to take it away the other way. That’s it. You saw how that went, right? So, there’s nothing left to say. I fought for you, and that’s it. Thank you for the support. My family, I’m coming back home, I’m fine. Mission accomplished, mission given, but sometimes it’s like in Brazil, total corruption.”

Brazilian judges have long been considered biased in favor of their hometown fighters, but British judges (to my knowledge) haven’t had many issues in recent years, and this decision doesn’t seem to be a sign of corruption. It does, however, bring up the faults in MMA’s current judging system.

The FightMetric results:

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