Anthony Pettis Does Not Need A Top Turnbuckle

12.17.10 8 years ago 8 Comments

For those of you (excuse me, those of us) that don’t regularly follow mixed arts, the promotion known as World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC) was bought out by the mighty UFC. The last show for WEC was last night, and Anthony Pettis ensured that the promotion went out with a bang with this jump-kick off the cage to Ben Henderson’s face.

Everyone is comparing this to The Matrix, and that’s fine, but really it reminds me more of an Alaskan rat kick game I once saw where dude had to jump off of one foot, kick a rat hanging about 6 feet in the air, and then land on that same foot. It was pretty boss for something that involved a fake rat.

WEC was a league comprised exclusively of middleweights lightweights, so those guys shouldn’t have too difficult a time finding a home in UFC, especially Pettis, who made his last night at his old job count with the closest thing to a WWE-style finishing move that I’ve ever seen in MMA. UFC boss Dana White has said that Pettis will be first in line to fight for that outfit’s lightweight title. Works for me.

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