Argentina’s World Cup Parade Featured Someone Trying To Jump Into The Team’s Bus From An Overpass And Missing

Argentina’s players and coaches returned home after winning the World Cup and got an unsurprisingly overwhelming reception from their fans. The squad made their way onto a bus and went through the Argentinian capital of Buenos Aires, which led to fans packing into the streets to see the first group of players to bring the World Cup to their country since 1986.

At a certain point, things got so chaotic that the plug had to be pulled on the bus tour altogether, with the players moving from a bus to a helicopter.

Here’s a glimpse into just how nuts things got on their tour. At one point, the players tried to go underneath an overpass that was packed with people. A few supporters thought it’d be a good idea to try and jump on the bus, only for one person to miss completely and hit the deck.

As for Argentina’s players, they were pretty fired up about the whole thing, too. Here’s a glimpse of the scene on the bus, which included Argentinian goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez holding a doll that had France star Kylian Mbappe’s face on it.

Between all of this and Lionel Messi having the most popular post in the history of Instagram, it’s been a pretty big couple of days in the world of Argentinian football.