03.27.08 10 years ago 26 Comments

Last night I got this email from longtime Internet acquaintance The Dude regarding the McDonald's High School All-America Game, starring Brandon Jennings's haircut:

dude you have to check out Jennings' haircut from the mcdonald's all star game last night. As soon as I saw it I made the House Party comparisons, but those doofus commentators didn't make the connection until after halftime when I'm sure that one of their younger assistants alerted them to the fact. Also, I'm pretty drunk in classic WithLeather fashion and have had to make many deletions/corrections to this e-mail so it makes some sort of sense to you. I hope you're happy with my corrections and I will be satisfied with knowing that I won't be (possibly) crucified on the site for poor grammar like an Alabama/LSU/SEC team of your choice fan. Anyway, I demand a story on the House Party haircut of Jennings on par with the Drew Gooden Duck Tail post.

Welp, here ya go, Dude.  (Nice work on the grammar and corrections, by the way.)  Check it out!  His hair is tall!  Hey, did you ever notice how black people's hair is like this… and white people's hair is like this

…What?  Why is everyone looking at me funny?  If the '90s are coming back, then so are jokes from Sinbad's routine.


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