05.02.07 11 years ago 9 Comments

People who watched the NFL draft surely noticed that Keyshawn Johnson filled in as ESPN's token black wide receiver analyst, filling the annoying void left by Michael Irvin.  Yesterday, Johnson was released by the Panthers to make room for talented draft pick Dwayne Jarrett, who has the same body frame and skill set as Johnson.

…which makes Johnson's analysis of Jarrett's selection (sent to WL by studly Zach), in retrospect, so hilariously awkward.  In case you're counting, Johnson compares Jarrett to himself no fewer than four times.  This is like a businessman's wife getting excited about her husband's hot new secretary.  "She looks just like I did 12 years ago!  Seeing her all day will remind him of me!" 

And that's why I have Weekend Mommy.

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