Big T12en To Add Title Game In 2011

08.03.10 8 years ago 6 Comments

Nebraska is set to join what is still being called the Big Ten conference in 2011, and the powers that be running that league have announced that they will play a championship game at the end of that season, according to reports coming out of the Big Ten’s media day.

Even with the pursuit of additional schools on hold, integrating a 12th team is a multi-pronged issue. The most urgent matter is deciding how to divide teams into divisions to allow for a championship game, which Delany expects to be played starting in 2011.

With league powers Ohio State, Michigan and Penn State among the eastern-most schools, a geography-based setup would be problematic.

“Geography is important,” Delany said. “It’s going to be a consideration, but it’s not the first consideration. Our athletic directors, many of whom coached and some of whom played, want competitive equality as best they can get it.” –Columbus Dispatch.

Oh, and never mind Nebraska, who brings its own sort of geographic issues. You know that they’ve done scientific testing to show that Nebraska literally is flatter than a pancake. Oh wait, that was Kansas. Whatever. You know what they say about those plain states. They all look alike.

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