08.15.08 10 years ago 27 Comments

The hot new pictures sweeping the blogging world are of Sara Boberg, a Swede who many blogs are claiming is on the country's "Olympic crossbow team." 

It's times like this when I wonder how people can be so lazy and stupid but still manage to operate a computer.  I'm pretty dumb, but even I can figure out enough to cross-check names against the Olympic athlete database.  And whaddaya know, Sara Boberg isn't on the Swedish Olympic team at all. 

Oh yeah, there's also the annoying little fact that "crossbow" isn't an Olympic sport.  It never has been.  But I guess someone saw Sara Boberg, saw her boobs, and saw the word "crossbow," and that was all the research they needed.

Anyway, the original source of the photos — and most likely the "crossbow" idiocy — is this NSFW forum, which also shows Boberg on a medal podium and with a quiver of arrows, so I think it's safe to say she's an archer.  A very very naked archer.  Sorry, but I happen to think people should get the details right.

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