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After seven and a half weeks of quiet muttering in the dugout, Atlanta manager Bobby Cox finally notched his 132nd career ejection, surpassing John McGraw for the all-time record.  Cox argued a called third strike on Chipper Jones in the fifth inning (the pitch was practically straight down the middle), and home plate umpire Ted Barrett quietly gave him the hook.

Fans at Turner Field didn't even know Cox was ejected for the 132nd time Tuesday night, since the record-breaking ejection wasn't preceded by his familiar jaunt onto the field and cursing argument with an umpire… Without any fanfare, Barrett walked toward the Braves' dugout and signaled to Cox that he was ejected. Until an announcement was made in the pressbox minutes later, most reporters didn't even realize Cox had been thrown out of the game.

What a shame.  They should have stopped the game so he could make a speech via video from the clubhouse.  Especially considering that McGraw's record was always tainted by his (unproven) use of argument-enhancing drugs.  Or, as I call it, whiskey.

Other MLB news:  The Braves won the game in the bottom of the 9th, by the way… Yankees honor Phil Rizzuto by playing a somber game with their bats on their shoulders, manage just two hits in 12-0 loss to O's… Roy Halladay cruises to 14th victory in Jays' 4-1 win over Angels… Los Tigres seize first place in AL Central with 6-2 win over Indians in 10 innings… Rampant AL favoritism guilts me into mentioning the Mets' narrow victory in Pittsburgh.

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