08.17.09 9 years ago

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  • Jamaica’s Usain Bolt broke his own 100-meter record yesterday in Berlin. And no, he didn’t shake hands with Hitler.

    Fourth Place Medal.

  • Here’s a video interview from one of the dudes working on the MMA game for Electronic Arts. He’s awfully old-looking; for what platform are they making this game, the Commodore 64?

    Watch Kalib Run.

  • The NFL needs to embrace this new way of launching uniforms. Thanks, Kevin.

    The Spoiler.

  • Here’s another take on that Kevin Youkilis “fight” from last week.

    The Rookies.

  • Tony LaRussa took a phone call during a press conference last week. With everyone having a cell phone now, I’m surprised this sort of thing doesn’t happen more often.

    The Big Picture.

  • David Wright took a fastball to the helmet on Saturday. Why did he do that? Because they’re the Mets.

    Open Sports.

  • Spanish golfer Beatriz Recari is 22, which is a little old for me, but I love the way that she looks at me like she’s going to kill me. It just makes me want her more.

    Sportress of Blogitude.

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