BSU Not No. 1 Despite Awesome Dog

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10.18.10 5 Comments

When the University of Florida and Ohio State (sorry Punte) sucked ballhole on Saturday, college football pundits predicted that the BCS rankings would debut with Boise State atop the rankings. Wrong. Instead, Oklahoma has jumped to the top of the college football world, much to my drunken surprise, and BSU rests at No. 3 behind Oregon at 2. But I’m not here to rip on Boise State or the guy in my office who pretends to be a fan of the… um, crap. Broncos, right? Whew, almost had to Google for a second there.

Instead, I’ve come here to praise BSU. Originally, I was hoping to find video of Boise State’s team entrance against San Jose State University on Saturday, because the Broncos supposedly trampled a SJSU cheerleader or dance team member or just some girl cheering on the Fighting Alpacas* and while that’s not something we should necessarily laugh at, I’m really too hungover to care. The moral of the story is that I’m disappointed in people who didn’t get that damn video on YouTube. Like this dude, for instance…

Thanks for the massage with no happy ending. But I’m not here to post teases, so I’m going to leave you with the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in college football, and I’m quite sorry that I didn’t see this until yesterday because it deserves national recognition. And I’m sure other schools do similar cool things, but keep in mind that I’m a UCF fan and the biggest trick involving our football program is an offense that doesn’t call plays. Anywho, I’m rambling. Here’s Boise State’s awesome tee-fetching dog:

*I’m not Googling that crap.

Ed. Note – That’s also not to say that Florida had any bearing in the top rankings. I just wanted to point out that the Gators suck.

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