Checking in With the ESPN Ombudsman

10.03.06 11 years ago

George Solomon has weighed in with his monthly analysis of ESPN's journalistic credibility. It's the same dull charade as always, but let's check it out anyway. On the T.O. maybe-suicide-attempt — but not really! … or was it?:

My gripe was that, in hindsight, some of the information that got on the air proved to be inaccurate. In general, the network's producers and editors need to be more restrained. It's better to be right — even if it means being second to the competition.

 Yes, the "competition." Who's the competition again? ESPN2? That one cable channel that has hockey?

On the Jason Whitlock "You can't stop me from having opinions!" blaze of glory: 

I've admired some of Whitlock's work over the years. But I also noticed that he, and some of his former ESPN colleagues, were unable to make a distinction between fair commentary and personal attacks or irresponsible generalizations… Attack journalism is not acceptable journalism in any form.

That's the best thing about blogging — it isn't journalism in any form. I just start rumors rumors and never follow up on them. Like I heard that after ESPN neutered George Solomon they let him keep his balls in a jar. Actually that may not be true. I have no idea what they did with his balls.

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