04.25.07 11 years ago 8 Comments

A lot of people make fun of Chris Berman for a lot of reasons.  They say mean things about his weight, his thinning hair, his supposedly tired schtick, and the widespread allegations of his infidelity, but he seems nice enough to me.  For example, he took time off from his busy schedule working the 2006 Pro Bowl in order to drink a fan's beer. 

I doubt ESPN has any rules against drinking at work (have you seen Lou Holtz on the air?), so this should be cool with his bosses.  Besides, I can attest to how much fun it is to drink at work.  Which reminds me: it's after noon — I'm past due for my first Coors Light tallboy of the day.

(Thanks to dark and mysterious friend HG for the video) 

UPDATE: And by "Coors Light Tallboy" I mean "empty Coors Light Tallboy can filled with bathtub gin." Obviously.

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