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Toronto Raptors star and amateur weatherman Chris Bosh is the subject of a complaint filed in Maryland on behalf of his live-in girlfriend. Among the allegations is the claim that Bosh has only seen his four-month-old daughter twice since her birth. But the kid is so little, does it even know that daddy’s not home?

[U]pon Bosh’s return from the Beijing Olympics in August of last year, the player signalled his intention to, according to the complaint, “move on” from the relationship. With Mathis [the ex] seven months pregnant it is alleged Bosh stopped supporting her financially and attempted to have her removed from their home. Without money to pay for her obstetrician appointments, let alone a means of transportation to attend them, Mathis, according to the documents, suffered “breakthrough bleeding and a constantly upset stomach” while utility companies threatened to disconnect her electricity, gas and water.

The complaint, which contains allegations that have not been proven in court, says Bosh contested his paternity before genetic testing determined a 99.97 per cent probability that he is Trinity’s father.

The complaint says that the former couple “jointly” paid for that 1.6 million dollar home in Frisco, Texas. Uh-huh, I’m sure they split that sucker right down the middle. Bosh is denying everything, and why not? We can’t jump to conclusions over this 0.03 percent chance that he ain’t the baby daddy. Keep your head up Chris. Maybe if you took a visit to see a true paternity expert, then you too could possibly hear those magic words:

Somebody get Cartoon Network on the phone. Right now.

|The Toronto Star, via Ben Maller|

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