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Doin' It Well is a celebration of some of the best comments from the previous week at With Leather.  It is compiled by the editorial staff and runs every Monday.

I'm not gonna lie to you: probably the best thing about having your own website is that you can promote your own petty grievances and destroy anyone who thinks they can use it as a forum for free speech.  That, and all the chicks who go mad when you tell them you're a professional sports blogger.  HOTT!

Anyway, this has been a hot topic as recently as today, as I made it known in the comments that showing up to say "Soccer is gay" or "UFC is stupid" or vice versa is a huge waste of everyone's time.  Okay, you don't like the sport.  That's cool — I don't expect to everyone to like all sports (I sure as hell don't).  But a lot of people like a lot of different sports, so if you don't have anything of note to add, just sit the post out.  Just think how annoying it would be if every time there was an NFL post, somebody wrote "The NFL is so stupid and all the players are criminals."  Do you want to be that cretin?

So channel that mental power you're using on hate, and direct it toward saying something funny.  Because you can demean anything you want — any sport under the sun, Scarlett Johansson, strippers — as long as you make it funny.  Funny makes anything okay.  

  • sledgod with the second comment on the pop-a-shot wizard: The first person to say Isiah Thomas just signed him to a multi-year contract gets a kick to the throat. (Editor's note: This wasn't that funny, but I appreciate not having to read an Isiah Thomas joke.)
  • Radioman one-ups everyone on the same pop-a-shot post: Of course, after scoring 1006 points, he has almost enough tickets to buy the plastic whistle or the spider ring.
  • whowillsexmutombo on the track coach marrying a 16-year-old: In all of this talk of "laws of consent", "legal marriage age", "Students' rights" and "parents' nightmares", can we please take a moment to think about the REAL victim here? Me. I haven't fucked a 16 year old since 1990.
  • And WWSM strikes again on gay journo-porn: Part of me thinks that the author is clearly gay, but the other part of me says that the author is just really into cock.

I'm not saying everyone should be more like whowillsexmutombo, but… well, that's pretty much what I'm saying, actually.

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