11.02.06 12 years ago 4 Comments

Well, not really. But there's a site written from Bledsoe's point of view, and it's called TonyHomo.com, and it is my favorite thing I've seen on the Internet since I woke up 25 minutes ago. Certainly better than basketball scores, which is why I'm leading this morning with a sweet-ass blog instead of actual sports events.

Anyway, it's basically Bledsoe's diary as he works to get back the starting job in Dallas. 

At practice today I told Homo I would kick his ass at any event of the Quarterback Challenge on NFL Quarterback Club '96. Even the obstacle course and he could be Randall Cunningham. He was like "Drew, Come on, man. I'm trying to concentrate here." Goddammit this guy is such a pussy. How is he the starter!?

And also this:

Anyway, I'm off to play Madden, sub in Homo, and keep running QB sneaks until he gets injured… PS – I took a dump under his locker.

Homo's goin' back to the bench in no time.

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