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A man named Brian Gordon is suing NFL players Michael Bennett and Anthony Davis and the International House of Pancakes after an October incident during which, he claims, the players and a third man assaulted him in an IHOP parking lot.  Both players were on Tampa Bay’s roster at the time; since then, Davis, a tackle, and Bennett, a running back, have signed with other teams.

Gordon claims that as he ate in the IHOP on Oct. 13, Davis, who was drunk, harassed the staff and patrons, calling two fellow diners “sluts” and “whores,” yelling at the waitress and cook to “give me my m-ther f-cking food!” and so on.

He claims Davis threatened him with physical harm, then placed a phone call to Bennett and another man, who arrived in a car.

Gordon says Bennett “brandished a black handgun in a holster,” and that Bennett, Davis and the third man then beat him up in the parking lot. And he claims that no agent of IHOP intervened.

The agents of IHOP, Gordon claims, were in direct violation of the restaurant’s motto, “To protect and serve pancakes.”


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