01.25.10 9 years ago 11 Comments

The latest iteration of the annual Brett Favre “Will He Or Won’t He” saga is already underway, because this is the only way that the media can be so infatuated with Brett Favre when he’s not throwing interceptions.

Favre was more forthright [about his future] with ESPN’s Ed Werder, though, saying it was “highly unlikely” that he would play football again.

That comment matches what his teammates expect. FOX’s Jay Glazer also reported that all of Favre’s teammates expect him to retire. –PFT.

Favre just had his best season ever, statistically speaking, and he’d just been physically and emotionally through the ringer after the Saints bumped them out of the playoffs. And he really likes wearing jeans. I still think he’ll come back for 2010, based on the fact that he can still play at a high level, and that he’s so hard up for attention that he won’t be able to stay off the field until he’s wheeled off. He’s like Stephen Hawking in that way, and probably not in any others.

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