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Roger Federer probably wasn't too thrilled to lose his first match following his defeat in the Wimbledon final to an unseeded opponent in the first round of the Rogers Open earlier this week. What spurred the further letdown? Still crestfallen from finally letting Rafael Nadal get the best of him? Or that he was refused the suite named from him at the Hilton Toronto because some Bollywood stars were already in it?

He as usual went to the star hotel and asked for the suite room which is called as the Federer suite as an honour for his talent and sporting achievements.
And guess what reply this world celebrated player got from the hotel staff.
They requested him opt for some other suite as the opulent space named after him had been given to a celebrity couple from India.
Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwrya Rai were staying in Federer suite.

As tempting as it is to knock R-Fed here, I'm pretty sure if I went to a swank hotel that had named a suite after me and they had given it to someone else, there'd be a bit of throwing of furniture. Which is actually better than my usual burning of furniture. What do you want? I went to University of Maryland. Burning couches is our only source of heat in the winter. I'd say amusement too, but huffing paint takes care of that.

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