Brian Cushing: How The Media Voted

05.13.10 8 years ago 4 Comments

After Brian Cushing became, oddly, the two-time AP Defensive Rookie Of The Year, more more attention is being given to why the AP’s revote was rushed (or even held), and why the voters couldn’t decide upon to supplant him. Let’s be honest, this re-vote was an attempted coup by the writers against PED use. And that coup was a disaster, both in terms of logistics and PR.

The AP has copped to organizing this effort, which makes sense to me. Surely if one of the writers had done so, there would have been a better push for someone to supplant Cushing for the award. But the whole process just felt wrong from the onset, and nobody has summed that up better than Tom Curran, who actually changed his vote to Cushing on the re-do:

In casting my “re-vote” in favor of Brian Cushing, I wasn’t condoning or excusing his use of PEDs. The vote was cast as a protest of The Associated Press demeaning its own process of by allowing for do-overs.

The deadline for voting was in January. When the deadline came, I used the available information and made a decision. The information told me Brian Cushing had a more impressive rookie season than the Bills’ Jairus Byrd.

It’s now the middle of May. If I knew then what I know now, I probably wouldn’t have voted for Cushing. But there’s a deadline for a reason. What if, in the re-vote, Byrd was given the honor. Then in June, we came to find he lost a PED appeal in March? Have another re-vote? And when does the window on re-votes close for good? I believe it closes at the deadline. That was in January.

Curran continues:

This effort at being politically correct, this rush to fix things so we all feel better is beyond me. I didn’t mess up. The AP didn’t mess up. Cushing did. And the NFL did by not being more transparent about their PED-testing process so that we were informed he flunked a test in September…

But the AP didn’t have to make a mockery of the process by giving everyone a mulligan. –TC

I’m over it, but the writers who think they can just travel back in time and fix the ills of pro football with their little ballots can get bent. Examiner’s Alan Burge breaks down the re-cast ballots of all 50 writers. And I have to give credit to Chris Berman, who stuck with his original selection of Cushing. I guess under all that combed-over hair is a smart little brain after all. Thanks to @StephStradley for the heads-up.

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