Finally…A Game With No Announcers

11.23.10 8 years ago 11 Comments

If you catch NFL Network’s replay of the Bengals-Jets game on Thanksgiving, you’ll notice something missing–the announcers. That’s because Steve Sabol and friends finally discovered that the announcers are by and large the worst part of any sports broadcast, unless that broadcast features the Dallas Cowboys.

Remember the announcer-less game during the 1980s? NFL Films on the Saturday after Thanksgiving will air the Bengals-Jets game on NFL Network, using only the words of players and coaches who will be miked up for the Thanksgiving night game.

“We’ve got 15 players and coaches miked during the game, including both coaches and all the coordinators and quarterbacks and middle linebackers,” NFL Films president Steve Sabol said. “We’ll have 60 people shooting the game, which is more than we use for a Super Bowl, and then we’ll turn it around in 48 hours and show it to you through the eyes of the players. It’s something you won’t see anywhere else.”

–Chron, via Read And React.

This will be awesome. I love NFL Films more than memories of my dog in grade school, and I hate announcers. Except for Cris Collinsworth, whom I’ll always think of as my real father. I don’t care what the DNA tests say. Somebody should give my DNA a lie detector test to make sure.

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