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Two Swiss students vacationing in Budapest found a land mine while frolicking carelessly on the banks of the Danube, and did what any two fucking dipshits would do: they played frisbee with it.

Lukas Aider, 20, and Christoph Kurz, 19, took a plunge in the Danube river in Budapest when they found the mine and began their potentially lethal game. A lifeguard watching stopped them and immediately called the police. A bomb squad then arrived to make safe what turned out to be an old Soviet 6 kilogrammes anti-tank mine.

I'm not sure how many of you are up to speed on your AT mines, but they're fucking heavy.  Six kilograms is about 13 pounds, which is just kinda-somewhat heavier than your average frisbee.  So these guys found a large metal/plastic object in a former Soviet bloc country and decided to play catch with it, something that has about ten pounds of explosive shape charge designed to punch holes in tanks with hot liquid metal.  And yet they survived.

Stupid Soviets and their shoddy weaponry.  Capitalist mines are so much more reliable at killing idiots.

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