08.18.09 9 years ago 2 Comments

I said four months ago that Greg Paulus wouldn’t play football anywhere in Division I. I was wrong.

First-year head coach Doug Marrone made the announcement Monday night with a statement through the sports information office.

Because he graduated from Duke in four years and did not redshirt, he received a waiver from the NCAA, allowing him to play football at Syracuse for one season without having to sit out a year. via, via.

Paulus, who was a four-time all-state quarterback in New York, certainly has the natural ability to play the position; I’m just curious how the Syracuse program benefits as a whole. Can he be that much better than the three or four guys on the roster that have been playing football all along? Maybe. Maybe it comes down to star power, as Doug Marrone will take any marquee player he can get to help lay the foundation for his program, not only on the field, but also at the box office and on the highlight shows. And that’s fine. But it utimately will be Paulus’ arm that keeps Marrone’s ass employed. But at least now he’ll have a few more interested spectators watching.

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