How Is This Not Blackmail?

12.10.10 7 years ago 13 Comments

Sports Tramp ™ Jenn Sterger issued a bizarre statement through her press people earlier this week, basically promising to sue Brett Favre if…just read the blockquote. I’m so damn sick of this story already.

“If the (NFL) commissioner suspends Favre and puts him in a program to make sure this doesn’t happen again . . . 100 percent . . . Jenn would not pursue any litigation against Favre, against the Jets, against anybody,” Sterger’s manager Phil Reese told the “Dan Patrick Show.”

Reese told the Associated Press that Sterger wants the league to discipline Favre before his career ends. “It’s not a money story,” Reese said, adding his client’s goal is some acknowledgment that Favre was in the wrong.

–FOX Sports.

What’s wrong with sending text messages to a woman that might have sex with you? Oh, right, this is a “workplace issue.” It’s not like Brett was at the copier getting his sales figures ready for the month-end meeting and then he grabbed her ass. What if the NFL says, “Hey, there’s not enough here.” Then what? I only wish that Sterger was commissioner of the NFL so that she could have banned Favre two years ago and saved us all a lot of grief.

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