How Not To Comment On A Skydiver’s Death

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05.06.13 7 Comments

parachutist death will leave a big hole

In a story that is absolutely not funny, a Canadian parachuting instructor died when he went for a solo jump after a day of taking out first-timers. Investigators aren’t sure exactly what happened to him.

“Everything was good, parachute opened great. He was doing the John [Scott] thing — he flies a very small, fast parachute — and he just missed on the bottom end,” said [skydiving site] Eden North owner Lyal Waddell on Sunday.

Zazulak said that the RCMP are still investigating the cause of Scott’s death and have seized his equipment to determine whether there was any sort of malfunction. They are also speaking to witnesses.

“Nothing appears suspicious at this time,” she said. “However, we do want to find out what happened. With any sudden, unexplained death we need to totally rule out that there might be anything suspicious at play.” (via CBC News)

While “a skydiver died skydiving” is sad news, it’s not the kind of thing we normally write about at With Leather. “Did someone involved do or say something stupid,” you may be asking, “to justify this story’s inclusion on the same day as a Ryan Lochte bonerjam?”

Yes. Someone did.

[Waddell] said Scott’s death will leave “a pretty big hole”

Phrasing, Waddell.

Thank goodness Scott wasn’t eviscerated. That would’ve left us feeling empty inside.

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