Classic WWF Manager Frenchy Martin Has Passed Away

Gypsy Joe, Journeyman Pro Wrestler, Has Passed Away At Age 82

Legendary Pro Wrestling Champion Nick Bockwinkel Has Passed Away At Age 80

RIP The ECW Zombie Tim Roberts, 1976-2015

RIP Ox Baker, Master Of The Heart Punch, 1934-2014

Former WCW And WWE Star Sean O’Haire Has Reportedly Passed Away

RIP Tony Gwynn, 1960-2014

Oh God, Taiwan Animation Reported On The Death Of The Ultimate Warrior

RIP Nelson Frazier, Jr., AKA Big Daddy V Viscera, AKA King Mabel, 1971-2014

RIP To Cat Zingano’s Husband, Mauricio

RIP Mae Young, 1923-2014

Butler Blue II Goes To Heaven, Tweets About It, Breaks Every Living Person’s Heart

RIP Matt "Doink The Clown" Borne, 1957-2013

RIP Deacon Jones, 1938-2013

How Not To Comment On A Skydiver’s Death

MLB Vet/90s Movie Icon Brad Lesley Goes Away

RIP Reid Flair, 1989 – 2013

R.I.P. Alex Karras, 1935-2012