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Ice dancers Maxim Staviski and Albena Denkova have won the last two world championships in their sport… but that streak may come to an end soon, as Staviski faces up to ten years in jail for an August car wreck that killed a man and seriously injured a woman.

"I can't think about my career at the moment," said the Bulgarian at an emotional news conference on Thursday. "Many people said we should continue competing but I just can't see this happening.  I'm ashamed to look people in the eye," he added on the brink of tears. "I'm ready to take any punishment." […]

"There was a negative reaction from many people but I can understand them," said Staviski. "I deserve such a reaction. I set a bad example for the whole of Bulgaria and I recognize I committed a crime."

Whoa, I don't know how things work in Transylvania or wherever, but those outward expressions of genuine "guilt" and "responsibility" have no place in American sports. Seriously, Leonard Little doesn't understand what the big deal is.

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