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A former Comerica Park scoreboard operator has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the Detroit Tigers because:

Tigers photographers routinely shot inappropriate "soft core videos" of female fans at baseball games, . . . The videos were "freely and openly shown in the scoreboard area to all employees and supervisors on almost a regular basis," and are stored in a room behind the scoreboard, Reanen Maxwell of Beverly Hills says in her Wayne Circuit Court lawsuit, which was filed Feb. 22.

The man, who up until last year was in charge of the scoreboard and selecting and recording crowd shots, Scott Fearncombe, said Wednesday any such reports "were never brought to my attention, and I don't know of any secret stash of videos." Up-skirt shots would have been technically difficult from the dugout-level cameras, he said, "because of the way people are sitting and the angle of the cameras."

You said it, pal. You don't have to tell me about the logistical problems involved in acquiring up-skirt shots. I'm going to have give the Tigers the benefit of the doubt on this because in my dozen or so visits to CoPa, the talent was never such that I wanted to technologically commemorate it. Besides, those Motown chicks get enough attention from police photographers. -KD   

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