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A prison in the United Kingdom (I think U.K., I'm not some great cartologist) has introduced pole vaulting lessons to its young inmates, creating a situation that is rife with humor for those tuned into dry British humor.  Because pole vaulting would be a useful skill for getting over an obstacle like a prison fence, see?  What delicious ironing!

Governor Steve Holland is hoping a future Olympic champion will emerge. He was approached by Trudy Carter, Dorset’s athletics development officer, who said she had a mobile pole vaulting unit for use in a gym and wanted to get the inmates interested.

But yesterday taxi driver Mike Lee, whose firm is used by the prison, said: "It struck me as funny that prisoners are being taught to pole vault. Next they will be teaching them rock climbing and ladder making.” Mr Lee, 60, of Weymouth, added: “Let’s hope they don’t get too good at it."

LOL, Mike.  L-O-L.  "And what kinda movies are they showing there?  Shawshank Redemption?  Am I right?"  Positively killer material.  I hope he saves that kind of material for when the talent scouts ride in his cab.

Anyway, as 100% Injury Rate notes, the walls of the prison are 20 feet high and covered in razor wire, so unless Sergei Bubka's kid is doing time for cocaine possession, I don't think anyone's breaking out via pole vault.  And for those of you craving an Allison Stokke joke, shame on you.  She's an honor roll student and would never go to jail.  She's only a prisoner of my heart.

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