Interview Of The Decade: Jim Mora Jr.

10.01.10 7 years ago 5 Comments

Doug Gottlieb is one of those guys on ESPN that I normally don’t have a problem with. He also, apparently, is the only person in America that can make me feel any sympathy for Jim Mora, Jr. You might remember that Mora got canned by the Atlanta Falcons after telling ESPN Radio that coaching football at the University of Washington was his “dream job;” the fact that he had three losing seasons in the ATL probably didn’t help his cause, either.

Anyway, that was a long way to get to the fact that Mora sorta redeemed himself in this interview with Doug Gottlieb on yet another ESPN radio appearance when Gottlieb asks the former coach–who is doing TV after getting fired in Seattle earlier this year–how people should feel about Donovan McNabb’s return to Philly in the Redskins-Eagles game this Sunday.

It’s easily the worst ESPN interview that Mike Greenberg or Jim Grey hasn’t been a part of, and Mora’s reaction was totally appropos, sarcastically calling Gottlieb “a real joy.” It’s not “diddely-poo,” but still awesome nonetheless.

Thanks, Ben, for the heads-up.

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