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Personal seat licenses (PSLs) were originally designed as a tax-deductible fundraising tool for college athletic programs. But today many professional teams use them to offset the cost of newly-built arenas as another expenditure for diehard fans. But the New York Giants’ faithful no long seem to be content with paying for the right to buy full-priced season tickets. The NFL club still has 4,000 PSLs left for sale, which is amazing…until you realize that they want $20,000 for them. From the NY Daily News:

[N]early 4,000 of the best and most expensive Giants seats are still available with 16 months remaining before the Giants and Jets open their $1.7 billion stadium. And the Giants have gone through their entire 140,000-member waiting list. The list increased by 120,000 in the seasons since 2003, when the Giants initiated the ticket exchange program that allowed fans to buy individual game tickets from season ticket holders. In order to take part in the program, fans had to add their names to the season ticket waiting list.

So the 50-yard line at the new Giants Stadium will look a lot like the sections behind home plate at the new Yankee Stadium. It’ll look like a high school party without alcohol–more depressing than entertaining, with zero chance of getting laid. Oh, you go to football games to actually watch the teams? Prude.

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