It Is Indeed A Party In The U-G-A

Senior Writer
08.04.10 16 Comments

College freshman orientation is filled with plenty of embarrassing scenarios for kids embarking on their new journeys into academic adulthood. Hell, if you’ve ever stepped foot in the parents room of an orientation session then you’ve seen enough for a lifetime. For instance, my freshman orientation at the terrible football school I attended featured a session during which we pretended to mingle in a social atmosphere while our “O-Teamers” walked around and put Tic Tacs in our sodas to represent drugging. I still thank them for that valuable lesson.

Over at the University of Georgia, they’re putting on quite the show. Set to the tune of Miley Cyrus’ smash hit “Party in the USA,” the orientation team welcomes incoming Bulldawgs with “Party in the U-G-A” and it’s everything you could have imagined and more. I’ve only really been able to comprehend two things about this video:

1) The dude at 1:11 is way too excited about Georgia orientation.

B) The girl at 1:25 is missing an article of clothing.

Apparently it’s Georgia Tech’s move to respond, although I’m not sure they really need to say anything at all.

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