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Adam Jones, a low-profile cornerback for the Cowboys who once went by the moniker “Pacman,” was involved in a fight with one of his security guards at a Dallas hotel.  Police were summoned to the scene at 1:30 a.m. Wednesday, and a police spokesman said Jones may have been drinking.  So, how serious was the fight?

There was no police report filed regarding the incident. No one was arrested and no one will be charged in connection with the fight.

Oh man, he is so F’d.  An altercation that results in no police investigation and no criminal charges has got to be good for, like, and eight-game suspension from Der Kommizioner Roger Goodell.  Speaking of:

It was apparently a coincidence that Goodell visited Cowboys players at their Valley Ranch training complex Wednesday… Before meeting with the Cowboys, Goodell said to reporters: “Adam knows how much emphasis I put on making sure that he makes good choices going forward, that he avoids situations where he can reflect poorly on himself, the Cowboys or the NFL. So far he seems to have been able to do that very effectively.”

Goodell should be less mad about the fight, and more mad that it was with one of Jones’s own security guards.  Picking a fight with a person who is paid to keep you safe: not exactly the mark of someone with sound judgment.  And I think I know a little something about sound judgment.  I had court-mandated classes on it after my last drunk and disorderly citation.

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