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Get the defibrillator. My heart has stopped because I'm in absolute shock from this story:

Sacramento Kings forward Ron Artest was arrested Monday on suspicion of domestic violence following an incident at his Loomis home…

"(There is) conflicting information about what actually started the argument, but it resulted in some pushing. Through our investigation we determined that Mr. Artest had shoved the victim to the floor several times and that he attempted to leave," Placer County Sheriff's Department Sgt. Andrew Scott said…

Artest was booked at Placer County Jail. He was released on bail Monday afternoon… [He] is barred from his five-acre estate for the time being.

Just for fun, let's look back at Ron-Ron's most recent advice column in Dime Magazine:

My favorite quote is “I’ma smack the [expletive] out of you.”

And… scene.

UPDATE: Ben Maller notes that Artest's wife smashed his Hummer's windshield while he was in the SUV. So I guess everybody's crazy. 

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