James Holzhauer And Others Want ‘Jeopardy!’ Fans To Appreciate Brad Rutter’s GOAT Tournament Run

Brad Rutter has had a rough go of the Jeopardy! Greatest of All Time Tournament through three games, but one of his competitors wants people to remember just how dangerous the last remaining winless contestant is in big moments. The biggest money winner in Jeopardy! history hasn’t been within striking distance at the end of the first three matches of the GOAT Tournament on ABC, much of that because of busting out on some big Daily Double wagers where he hasn’t come up with the correct answer.

Rutter is the most monied Jeopardy! player in history, and nearly all of that money has come in big tournaments, many of which were won against Ken Jennings, who currently has two wins and is on the brink of winning $1 million. But despite the mistakes, anyone who knows their Jeopardy! knows that Rutter has what it takes to win.

Holzhauer retweeted a post from another former Jeopardy! contestant, Alex Jacob, which asked fans to respect who Rutter is despite the poor showing through the first few games of the tournament.

The video shows Rutter dominating the Ultimate Tournament of Champions game against Jennings in a situation where Ken, owner of the longest winning streak in show history, was widely thought to be on his way to another big win. Rutter, however, was the winner in a big way. In fact, until the GOAT Tournament, Rutter had never lost to a human player.

Holzhauer has had his fun trolling on Twitter after the third game, retweeting some jokes at Rutter’s expense.

But it’s clear that this is all in fun, and everyone involved respects the players involved and the skills they bring to the table. Rutter himself said he didn’t practice enough on the buzzer on the broadcast, and many Jeopardy! fans have been disappointed in his game through the first few games. But it’s still anyone’s tournament, and Holzhauer is hinting that there’s a lot of game left when it comes to what Rutter can do on the Jeopardy! stage.