Jared Goff’s Super Bowl 53 Performance Is Getting Picked Apart

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Super Bowl 53 was a complete dud, with only field goals on the board until late in the fourth quarter. The Los Angeles Rams were completely unable to move the football on the New England Patriots defense, and the Pats didn’t fare much better en route to a 13-3 win in the lowest scoring Super Bowl ever.

Rams quarterback Jared Goff struggled mightily in Super Bowl 53, going 19-for-38 for 229 yards and a crippling interception with less than five minutes to play and the Rams inching toward the red zone for the first time all game.

But once the dust settled and the unexpected was finalized, people started tearing into the performance of Rams quarterback Jared Goff. The third year quarterback had a strong season under center for the high-powered Rams offense, but in the biggest game of his life he looked more like a college freshman at his first house party. What I’m saying is he looked nervous, tried too hard, and he may have thrown up on himself sometime during the evening.

As football people took a better look at the film from Goff’s performance on Sunday, it only seemed to get worse. For The Win broke down some specific plays were Goff either completely missed open players or made the wrong read. There are a lot of them, and For The Win writer Steven Ruiz shared one on Twitter.

The whole post made a pregame report on NFL Network about the Patriots’ game plan against Goff all the more ominous.

Seriously, there was a lot to hate about Goff’s performance. The easiest place to start was his interception, which came right after Goff came up with one of his few good passes that unfortunately wasn’t brought down by Brandin Cooks.

But there were other, more subtle things people noted that summed up how poorly Goff was playing.

Even halftime adjustments didn’t help.

This one, in a game that saw one touchdown, was particularly brutal.

Fans simply dismissing a game as “boring” because there isn’t a lot of scoring is something that happens in every sport. And yes, there was some great defense at work on both sides of the game on Sunday. But Goff was objectively bad in Super Bowl 53 which, given how the entire game played out, is more disappointing than anything.