Super Bowl 53 Led To Some Super Bored NBA Player Tweets

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The Rams and Patriots met in Atlanta for Super Bowl 53 and entering the game the point total in Las Vegas hovered around 56. By the end of the third quarter, the live line had plummeted to 17.5, as the Patriots and Rams were deadlocked at 3-3.

The game was dominated by the defenses and punters, as Johnny Hekker and Ryan Allen combined for 14 punts through 50 minutes of action including some absolute beauties. For those that aren’t fans of the fine art that is punting, the game was not exactly exciting.

Neither offense could do much of anything and every time a drive looked promising, it fell apart. The tone was set early when the Patriots were marching on the ground until Tom Brady threw an interception on his first pass attempt of the game. From there, there was a missed field goal by the Pats and an awful lot of flipping the field with punts from both teams as each squad simply tried not to screw things up and give the other team great field position.

There were many fans that noted their boredom during the game on social media, including LeBron James who was quite opinionated about the night’s proceedings. First, he wasn’t pleased with Travis Scott getting just one song in during the halftime show and as the third quarter went on with the same lack of action he pleaded with the NBA’s newsbreakers to drop a juicy report ahead of the trade deadline.

Other NBA players joined LeBron in pointing out the sluggish nature of the game.